Wild Game Sausage Processing

Let the professionals at Taylor's help get the most out of your game or farm grown meats to be made into sausage. Your order is always processed as an individual batch from start to finish!

Our entire sausage kitchen is federally inspected and with the experience of four generations of sausage makers, we strive to process your game and farm meats to the highest standards. Your meats to be processed into sausage are handled on an individual batch basis from start to finished product. We do not mix your batch with some other person's meat. This is a very important feature to the conscientious hunter and you should demand this wherever you have meat processed.

Because of the size of our machinery we require twenty five pound batches of meat per type of seasoning. If your batch doesn't weigh out to twenty five pounds, we will add wholesale priced beef or pork to bring your batch up to twenty five pounds so that we can get a good seasoning mix and grind on your meats.

Taylor's custom processes game and farm grown meats into sausage all year long. It is a large segment of our sausage business. We prefer the meats brought in to us to be boned in chunks and very clean. Boning is done by us at extra cost. Do your own skinning and boning and save.

Fall Sausage making is done on a first come first serve basis. Many of our hunter-customers freeze their meats and bring them to us in January, February and March. Others clear out meat from their freezers the rest of the year to be made into useable sausage products.